Flow Collection

"For many years I have had the ambition to create a signature chain, a friend for your pendant or a statement piece of its own. An endless piece in two senses, link after link, year after year. A legacy of my career.

A signature chain of individual links with their own beauty and character, depending on one another to create a lasting order of strength. The symbol of the united force required for us to stand strong in our ever-changing world.

From having a background in Denmark learning to handcraft chain in different classic variations to later in New York adopting the woven chain technique, I have always had a passion for the rhythm of repetition. The state of flow, turning classic styles into new dimensions.

The fascination of tamed nature, where fluid lines are transformed into random repetition and natural materials are cultivated into man-made shapes.

A manipulation of metal just to the point of surrender. A constructed flow with function. Earrings, rings and bracelets interlinked in a New Order."

Unspoken Words - The Capital

A mantra, a promise or a pact spanning cultures, religions and borders, Unspoken Words: The Capital is a story about believing in something that doesn’t have to be said.   

Travelling to Dubai on business, expecting nothing more than marble, steel and gold under a flurry of air conditioning, Marlene Juhl Jørgensen’s chance encounter with a Middle Eastern nobleman inspired a collection rooted in the unifying power of spirituality and philosophy.

Wanting to create a wearable jewellery box in which life goals and milestones or declarations of love could be placed and worn close to the heart, she talked with the gentleman about letters and signs in holy books — sounds symbolic of feelings yet which cannot and must not be spoken — and the belief that things left unvoiced are a gift to humanity. Words can be limiting; the unspoken can be liberating.

Unspoken Words: The Capital reimagines traditional Arabian symbols to Nordic sensibilities – eschewing the ornamental to create pared-back designs.

Articulated discs in hammered silver dangle from earrings; asymmetrical earrings in 18k gold-plated sterling silver hold blue pearl ‘bells’; and moon-and-star shapes adorn sautoir necklaces, stacking rings and swaying earrings that gently brush the jawline. Detailed with pearls, precious stones, hand-painted enamel and personal inscriptions, the collection speaks volumes about style and substance – without saying a single word.

Sioux City

Emerging from the contrast between the free-spirited Native Americans and the white man’s big city existence, the Sioux City collection tells the story of traditional symbols in a modern context.

A spontaneous trip to Los Angeles and the Californian desert in 2014 evolved into a timely introduction to America’s powerful history. While visiting a flea market, Marlene Juhl Jørgensen found an ivory bracelet depicting a horse’s head, which would later become the starting point of her Sioux City collection.

From here, her thoughts transposed to the dusty Nevada desert, where images of ritualistic bonfires and freedom of expression at the transformative Burning Man festival reawakened a legacy of symbols and stories, and the inspiration for the jewellery collection began to take shape.

Stylised Native American symbols such as the arrow, dreamcatcher and feather are rendered as earrings, rings and pendants in precious metals, coral, bone and enamel, appearing alongside horsehead shapes, horsebit chains and elongated spikes. Sprinkled with diamonds and engraved with pictograms and inspirational statements, personalised charm pendants and expertly crafted monogrammed rings speak of understated luxury.

Nairobi Punk

Imagined on a trip to Kenya, where Marlene Juhl Jørgensen’s birthday celebration instead became an introduction to the country’s vibrant culture and fascinating people, Nairobi Punk explores the capital city’s vibrant underground punk scene and the nation's rich history.

A collection of contrasts, Nairobi Punk is inspired not by the great wilderness of Kenya, but by a generation of settlers who came to the country in search of a new life.  A loving tribute to the boundless energy of the city and its infinite contrasts, the collection encapsulates the capital’s avantgarde atmosphere and the people who live their lives there, one day at a time.

Carefully crafted from precious metals set with shark teeth, raw wild boar tusks and brilliant diamonds and gemstones, jewellery is unpretentious and indiscriminate in appearance.

Smooth Masai-inspired bangles mix with braided cord or metal chain necklaces strung with gemstone-embellished bone pendants that perfectly balance the traditional with the contemporary to create elegant and modern jewellery with a cool edge.